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Senior Wellsite Geologist Rig 3, Uganda

Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
Last update 2024-04-16
Expires 2024-04-17
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Senior Wellsite Geologist Rig 3, Uganda
Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
Modified April 3, 2024


Profil du candidat Qualifications & Experience·Minimum BSc Hons Degree in Geology or other geosciences disciplines and must be certified to work as operation geologist (IFP certification).·At least 5 years of experience in the Operations Geology domain (including Operations Geology, Petrophysics, and onshore drilling,)·A strong ability to work in a cross functional environment, excellent communication skills.·Willingness to learn and share, adaptability, rigor and pro-activity are critical behaviours required for the position.

Activités Main Duties and Responsibilities:·Ensuring on the rig site that all geological operations are carried out in strict respect of the HSE regulations.·Ensuring on the rig site that the operations are performed in accordance with the well objectives as defined during the WSOR process.·Contributing actively to the well safety through proper implementation of real time detection techniques of drilling hazards.·Ensuring an accurate and detailed reporting of all matters related to geological operations on the rig site.·Assuring the pertinence, reliability and quality of the data collected on the rig site.·Actively participating to the technical development of the local professionals.·Strict application of the Company’s’ HSE rules and procedures and pro-activity on this matter by participating actively to the “stop card” system and by reporting all incident or potentially dangerous situation.·Perform well data quality control and validation at the wellsite.·Predict and evaluate the geological hazards such as formation pressure, gains, losses, caving, differential sticking, acid gas, swelling clay, shallow gas, etc.·Detect reservoirs and evaluate the fluid content.·Ensure correct data communication at the well site by reporting in due times any event with potential consequence on the project achievement.·Supervise all well data acquisition such as mudlogging, LWD, electrical logging, coring, solid and fluid sampling (cuttings, cores, side wall cores, gas, oil, formation water, mud, etc), pressure measurements, VSP in accordance with the well data acquisition program as defined in the WSOR.·Ensure full well data recovery on rig site and guarantee complete and pertinent reporting and well data flow from the rig to the company’s operation representative.·Supervise contractor performance for all the services associated to geological operations i.e.

mudlogging, MWD-LWD, wireline and pipe conveyed logging.

This supervision shall include the check of quality and reliability of equipment, necessary spare parts and consumables and the performance of the crew.·Realize, periodically or at reception of a new mudlogging/wireline unit, of technical audits to verify the compliance of contractor equipment and personnel to the contractual terms and conditions.·Supervise and verify the labelling, conditioning and shipment of samples and of all documents and reports issued by contractors.·Work closely with any other supervisors, notably the drilling and mud supervisors, appointed by company in order to form a cohesive and efficient team.·Organize and/or participate to pre-job meetings before each special operation such as wireline logging, open hole tests.·Mentor junior/trainee well site geologists and therefore contribute to the development of operations geology skills especially for local new professionals.·Actively participate to technical reports such as the Final Geological Well Reports or to any report related to the use of a new technology or when uncommon environmental or operational conditions are encountered.

Contexte et environnement There is no equivalent project of such an industrial drilling magnitude in a remote and sensitive area within the Company today.

A Green Field Project, the Tilenga field is to be found in a remote location in UGANDA near lake Albert with particularly sensitive environmental conditions.

A challenging project; heavy and waxy oils produced from 31 drilling pads, (with some of them located in a national park) and treated in a Production Center of 200,000bopd oil capacity and 650,000 bld of water treatment capacity.

Reservoir pressure maintenance is ensured either by water injection or by polymer water injection depending on the reservoirs characteristics.

The project also includes an extended interconnecting network with temperature preservation.

Multicultural environment: Contractors are anticipated to be located in various parts of the world.

Ugandan rules and regulations, administrative requirements and technical authorizations as well as International codes for onshore plant will apply.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Senior wellsite geologist rig 3

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