Initiative Coordinator-restore Africa At Care Uganda, Uganda

Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
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Initiative Coordinator-restore Africa At Care Uganda, Uganda
Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
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Job Description Job summary• The role of the Initiative Coordinator will be to support the Senior Initiative Manager and the program team in the successful execution of the component of the Restore Africa program with CARE. Whereas the Senior Initiative Manager provides strategic direction, program management oversight, as well as technical guidance and leadership on program quality and learning (PQL), the Initiative Coordinator will take a more hands-on role in coordinating and managing program activities. S/he will be in charge of program plans, timelines, and schedules. S/he will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring program tasks and activities to ensure they are completed on time and within budget. S/he will maintain program documentation, including program plans, budgets, schedules, and reports. This encompasses developing and implementing capacity-building plans for partners and beneficiaries. The Initiative Coordinator will ensure that the Restore Africa program is gender transformative and that it achieves the best value for money.Specific ResponsibilitiesResponsibility #1: Program Implementation (40%)The Initiative Coordinator shall play a crucial role in the successful implementation of restoration activities of the program. S/he will oversee various aspects of the restoration efforts and ensure that the program’s goals and objectives are met. Specifically, the Initiative Coordinator will:Be responsible for executing the program plan by defining, coordinating, and tracking the scope, timeline, and specific program activities, ensuring that tasks are completed according to schedule, and monitoring progress against milestones.· Identify suitable sites for restoration within the districts based on ecological criteria, terrain, local needs, and restoration needs.· Take the lead in the identification and registration of beneficiaries, using this to develop a beneficiary database for the program.· Be the overall responsible person for sensitization of the communities, beneficiaries, and stakeholders about program interventions, ensuring that any emerging questions and propaganda are addressed in a timely manner.Allocate resources, including personnel, materials, and equipment, to support program implementation. S/he will assign tasks to team members, monitor task completion, and address any resource constraints or conflicts that may arise.· Maintain program documentation and records generated from within districts. This includes updating program district plans, schedules, and progress reports. S/he will ensure that all program-related documentation within the districts is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible.· Identify and manage risks and issues relating to program activities specific to districts such as tree nursery operations, seedling transportation and planting, and any other relating to program implementation.· Coordinate program meetings, workshops, training sessions, and other program-related events. This includes scheduling, preparing agendas, documenting meeting minutes, and ensuring that action items and follow-ups are addressed in a timely manner.Responsibility #2: Program QUALITY and LEARNING (25%)The will take a proactive approach to monitor and evaluate the program’s activities, outcomes, and impacts, while also facilitating learning and continuous improvement throughout the project lifecycle. The Initiative Coordinator will:Ensure compliance with Donor and CARE Uganda policies, regulations, and standards and therefore monitor and track program activities to ensure adherence.2. Integrate gender and social inclusion considerations at all levels of the program to ensure that the initiative addresses the needs and vulnerabilities of all target groups equitably.3. Observe ethical considerations, including the protection of beneficiaries’ rights, free, prior, and informed consent, and confidentiality of data and information, throughout the program design and implementation.4. In collaboration with the MEAL Coordinator, collect data to feed into the program monitoring and evaluation framework. Emphasis will be on the verification of tree survival as per program targets.5. Support the Senior Initiative Manager to organize learning reviews and reflective sessions with program stakeholders to evaluate progress, share experiences, and identify lessons learned. Use these opportunities to adjust strategies and approaches based on feedback and insights.6. Involve beneficiaries and stakeholders in the evaluation process, seeking their input and feedback to ensure their issues are considered in assessing program outcomes and impacts.7. Capture and document lessons learned, success stories, best practices, and innovations.8. Conduct quality control checks to ensure that partner and/or service provider deliverables meet the required quality standards.Responsibility #3: Strategic ENGAGEMENT and NETWORKING (10%)The Initiative Coordinator will play a role in building and maintaining effective partnerships with various stakeholders. S/he will be the direct liaison between the Program and the Lower Local Governments, technical working groups at the settlement level, and Faith-based and cultural institutions, among others. Specifically, the Initiative Coordinator will:1. Facilitate communication, networking, relationship management, and collaboration among program partners, tree planting partners, farmers, and different stakeholders involved in the restoration program, including government agencies, NGOs, local communities, and technical experts.2. Maintain the link between the program beneficiaries (tree farmers, leadership structures, District Local Government staff etc) and the rest of the Restore Africa Program.3. Identify opportunities for strategic partnerships that align with the program and that can bring additional expertise and resources for the successful delivery of the program.4. Engage directly with local farming communities associated with the Restore Africa program, and involve them in decision-making processes, listen to their concerns, and incorporate their perspectives into the project design and implementation.5. Advocate for Restore Africa Program objectives and outcomes to key decision-makers, within target districts and raise awareness about the program’s importance and benefits among stakeholders and the wider public.Responsibility #4: Team management (10%)The Initiative coordinator will maintain direct contact with Implementing partners and/or service providers as well as the Local Government teams and Restore Africa Consortium teams that will support the delivery of the program on the ground. Therefore, the Initiative Coordinator will be responsible for:· Supervising the community structures that will be identified to support the delivery of the program.· Oversee the activities and conduct of Implementing partner and/or service provider staff to ensure adherence to CARE safeguarding policies, as well as compliance with CARE and donor guidelines.· Ensure visibility of the Restore Africa Program within the program implementation areas and beyond.Responsibility #6: Promote Gender Equity and Diversity and Safeguarding Practices (10%)This entails promoting gender equity, diversity, and safeguarding practices. The Initiative Coordinator will ensure that the program is inclusive, respectful, and protective of all individuals involved and creates a safe and empowering environment for all stakeholders. Specifically, the Initiative Coordinator will:· Integrate gender considerations into all aspects of the program, ensuring that gender disparities and inequalities are addressed and that the needs and priorities of all genders are taken into account.· With the help of a Gender Specialist, conduct a gender analysis study to identify and understand the specific gender-related challenges and opportunities in the program districts that will inform program design and decision-making.· Provide training for stakeholders on diversity and inclusion, raising awareness about the importance of respecting and valuing differences.· The IC will ensure that the CI Safeguarding policy, Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse and Child Abuse, the anti-discrimination and harassment policy, The code of conduct and the organization’s Values are known to every staff under his jurisdiction.Responsibility #6: Any other duties assigned from time to time (5%)· Any other duties incidental to the role or assigned by the supervisor.Competence, Education and EducationCompetencies and Education:· Strong organizational abilities to manage multiple tasks, deadlines, and priorities efficiently.· Flexibility and adaptability to respond to changing program requirements and unexpected developments.· Proficiency in managing conflicts and resolving issues that may arise during program implementation.· Demonstrated self-drive and delivering with minimum supervision.· High level of integrity and ability to influence others to adhere to organizational standards of integrity.· An analytical mindset that thinks outside the box, with excellent writing skills.· Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey information to team members, stakeholders, and clients.· Good interpersonal skills especially in an environment that embraces diversity.Experience:· 5 years of project management experience with substantial exposure to carbon financing.· Demonstrated experience in delivering performance-based projects/programs· A good grasp of partnerships management, and coordination within big consortia.· Demonstrated experience in project design, proposal writing, and resource mobilization.Education:i. A Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Agroforestry, Forestry, and Environment Management, from a reputable institution. A postgraduate diploma in any field is a MUST.ii. Professional training in project Monitoring and Evaluation is a MUST.iii. Professional training and experience in gender equality, women and girls’ empowerment is an added advantage.

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Occupation: Initiative coordinator-restore africa at care uganda

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