Operations Analyst At Engie Energy Access (eea), Uganda

Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
Last update 2023-11-29
Expires 2023-12-29
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Operations Analyst At Engie Energy Access (eea), Uganda
Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
Modified September 8, 2023


Job Description Job Purpose/Mission • The Operations Analyst is an essential resource to support the ambitions of EEA through better understanding of important that underline the continuous performance of operations and supply chain processes. Among other deliverables, creating and managing the control tower through advanced analytics is the most important. The Analyst will play a critical role to help EEA predict supply chain variabilities and disruptions by providing end-to-end visibility of our inventory and supply chain operations, building resiliency, and proactively monitoring potential supply chain challenges for streamlined resolution through data.• The incumbent is an important link between various functions to develop an aggregated view of the supply chain across siloed data sets using critical KPIs and scorecards / dashboards, to proactively reveal trends and patterns that will inform significant operational improvement decisions. This is an exciting role for problem-solving data specialists who are passionate in working with data and can support the deriving of business decisions through data science and information, while functionally interacting with key stakeholders and partners in the operations workflow.Responsibilities: • Create dashboards to monitor the health of operations for the supply chain in EEA (including the 9 markets) by implementing a scorecard model that provides for regular updates through integration of scattered and siloed data sets from various existing platforms into a focal point for data-based decision making.• Implement end-to-end personalized visibility for critical inventory data to ensure interconnectedness of supply chain data for key business metrics and events across the supply chain.Capture and provide (close to) real-time data from across the EEA supply chain ecosystem to provide enhanced visibility in a Control Tower for inventory including stock in shops & warehouses, Goods-in-transit (GiT), supply-side stock on hold, open PO in suppliers, liable material in suppliers – examine data closely to figure out root causes and propose solutions and focus areas for continuous improvement in operations.• Provide custodianship for all data needs within supply chain and Africa Operations by identifying & prioritizing key business objectives, detecting, developing, and implementing response strategies through data, including the full implementation of periodic reporting cycles of such key metrics (including Finance – Operations metrics).• Work closely with business data partners in the data warehouse, and other departmental / country-based data analysts to strengthen data insights for supply chain operations and increase cohesiveness in the general data management community.• Implement an automated data-driven management strategy and culture that reduces dependency on people to provide information for key metrics that facilitate operations decision making.• Work closely with country operations heads to Identify critical policies in supply chain to support full implementation through data analytics and maintenance of data integrity.• Identify operational issues that require further research using data to ensure appropriate measures are implemented to close those identified gaps – conduct research on identified operational constraints and develop various problem-solving modeling strategies to solve the identified gaps.• Suggest key improvements in EEAs supply chain operations to ensure in-full implementation of recommendations while working closely with internal stakeholders to further manage supply chain shocks and variabilities through data insights.• Provide ad hoc training and support to key stakeholders on critical data management skills to facilitate upskilling within the operations team especially country data teams.• Support key projects in operations and supply chain with all data needs including inventory management, warranty, supply chain optimization among others.Knowledge and skills: Experience:• Minimum 5 years of experience in statistics, data science, data management, operations research, and related data analytics roles.• Strong immersion into operations / supply chain activities of a business with proven interaction and experience of such data fields is a considerable advantage.• Ability to utilize big data to develop and maintain critical business dashboards to facilitate key decision-making using data.• Ability to work with multiple data sources and tools for data storage to ensure synthesized data is sensible.• Technical knowledge of operations / supply chain processes needed to extract critical KPIs and metrics for measurement.• Project management experience is important to manage short-term and long-term data needs to support critical research projects and programs within operations.• Able to travel on need basis to support countries to implement necessary data integrity strategies to facilitate regular monitoring of core operations KPIs.Qualifications: • A bachelor’s degree statistics, operations research, data science or data analysis or related field.• Professional certifications in data science and analysis such as SAS, data camp, MATLAB, data cleaning is important.• Project Management certifications and skills are an important advantage.• Ability to leverage math and analytical thinking especially with big data to identify gaps / problems and propose solutions.• Excellent communication and presentation skills to facilitate frequent interaction and collaboration with colleagues to understand findings and execute solutions.Language(s):• English is needed.• French is an added advantage (for West Africa)Technology: • Advanced MS Office User: Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Project is important.• Working knowledge of data languages such as SQL, Python, R is important.• Working knowledge of professional data visualization tools such as SAS, Tableau, PowerBI, Looker is important.• Knowledge of source databases and ERP systems such as SAP, NAV, CRM, salesforece, IBM Supply Chain Suite is needed.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Operations analyst at engie energy access (eea)

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