Geo-technical Engineer X2 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda

Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
Last update 2023-11-29
Expires 2023-12-29
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Geo-technical Engineer X2 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda
Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
Modified September 12, 2023


Job Description Job Purpose / Objective: i. Assess the geological and geotechnical aspects of the construction site.ii. Responsible for conducting soil and rock investigations, analysing ground conditions, and providing engineering recommendations to ensure the stability and safety of road structures.iii. Mitigate geotechnical risks and support the successful completion of the road construction project.Job Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Site Investigation:• Conduct thorough geotechnical site investigations to assess soil and rock conditions.• Use various techniques, such as boreholes, sampling, and in-situ testing, to collect geotechnical data.2. Geotechnical Analysis:• Analyze geotechnical data to determine soil properties, bearing capacity, and slope stability.• Evaluate potential geotechnical hazards, such as landslides and sinkholes, and recommend mitigation measures.3. Foundation Design:• Provide engineering recommendations for foundation design based on geotechnical assessments.• Collaborate with structural engineers to ensure the compatibility of foundation designs with road structures4. Earthwork and Material Recommendations:• Advise on earthwork specifications and construction materials based on soil properties.• Recommend suitable materials for embankments, subgrade, and road pavement layers.5. Geotechnical Report Preparation:• Prepare comprehensive geotechnical reports, presenting findings, analyses, and engineering recommendations.• Ensure that reports comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements.6. Quality Control and Assurance:• Implement quality control measures during construction to verify adherence to geotechnical recommendations.• Monitor and inspect geotechnical aspects of the project to identify potential issues and ensure compliance.7. Project Management:• Collaborate with project managers, stakeholders, and construction teams to coordinate bridge construction activities.• Develop project schedules, allocate resources, and monitor progress to meet project timelines.8. Value Engineering:• Suggest value engineering options to optimize project foundation design based on geotechnical assessments without compromising quality.9. Stakeholder Coordination:• Collaborate with the design team, project managers, and construction personnel to ensure seamless project bridge construction and exchange information.• Communicate costs control findings to relevant stakeholders and address any related concerns.10. Health and Safety Compliance:• Ensure adherence to safety guidelines and protocols during geotechnical activities.• Identify potential safety hazards related to geotechnical activities and implement necessary precautions.11. Collaboration and Communication:• Facilitate communication among project team members and external stakeholders by ensuring the project estimates.• Provide project estimates to project stakeholders, including consultants’ and contractors.12. Reporting:• Generate regular reports on geotechnical activities estimates status, and any outstanding issues.• Provide progress updates to project managers and other relevant stakeholders.Performs any other duty as assigned by the supervisor from time to time.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 1. Geotechnical Stability: Assess the stability and safety of road structures based on geotechnical recommendations.2. Site Investigation Efficiency: Measure the effectiveness and completeness of geotechnical site investigations.3. Compliance with Recommendations: Monitor the implementation of geotechnical recommendations during construction.4. Timely Report Delivery: Measure the ability to prepare and deliver geotechnical reports within project timelines.5. Geo Technical Design Efficiency: Assess the quality and efficiency of geo technical design solutions.6. Construction Compliance: Monitor adherence to design specifications and regulatory requirements during construction.7. Project Timelines: Measure the ability to meet project milestones and timelines.8. Cost Control: Monitor project costs and adherence to budget constraints. Track and report on cost-saving initiatives implemented during the project.9. Timely Reporting: Measure the timeliness of geotechnical activities and provide reports and financial updates.10. Change Order Management: Evaluate the efficiency of managing change orders and variations.11. Compliance Adherence: Monitor adherence to contractual requirements and regulatory standards.12. Stakeholder Satisfaction: Gather feedback from project team members and external stakeholders on bridge quantity management processes.Work Experience, Skills and Knowledge: 1. Geotechnical Engineering: Proficient in geotechnical engineering principles and site investigation techniques.2. Soil Mechanics: Knowledgeable in soil properties, classification, and behaviour relevant to road construction.3. Geotechnical Analysis Software: Skilled in using geotechnical analysis software and tools.4. Foundation Design: Understanding of foundation engineering principles and their application in road projects.5. Geological Hazards: Familiarity with geological hazards and mitigation measures in construction projects.6. Report Writing: Excellent technical writing skills for preparing comprehensive geotechnical reports.7. Communication: Effective communication and collaboration with project teams, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities.8. Problem-Solving: Ability to analyse geotechnical challenges and propose practical solutions9. Construction Management: Understanding of construction processes, methods, and materials relevant to geotechnical challenges.10. Regulatory Compliance: Knowledgeable in engineering codes, standards, and regulatory guidelines for geo technical activities.11. Project Planning: Strong organizational skills for project planning, resource allocation, and scheduling.12. Safety Awareness: Emphasis on safety protocols and procedures in geotechnical construction.13. Construction Cost Knowledge: Familiarity with construction material costs, labor rates, and equipment expenses.14. Budgeting and Financial Analysis: Ability to develop and manage project budgets andconduct financial analysis.15. Contract Management: Understanding of contract negotiation, procurement, and subcontractor management.16. Analytical Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities to assess cost implications and alternatives.17. Attention to Detail: Demonstrate meticulousness in recording and analysing project cost estimation.18. Health and Safety Consciousness: Knowledgeable in safety protocols and practices in a construction environment.19. Environmental Awareness: Understand the environmental impact of construction and consider sustainability factors.20. Working experience: Possession 8 years of leadership working experience of which 3 years should have been obtained in the equivalent capacity.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Geo-technical engineer x2 at abubaker technical services and general supplies limited

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