Electrical Engineers X4 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda

Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
Last update 2023-11-29
Expires 2023-12-29
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Electrical Engineers X4 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda
Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
Modified September 12, 2023


Job Description Responsible for overseeing all electrical systems and components related to the construction site.Ensure the proper design, installation, maintenance, and operation of electrical infrastructure to support the construction activities and project objectives.Contributes to the overall efficiency and success of the project by streamlining road construction equipment and machinery electrical management processes.Job Roles and Responsibilities:• Equipment Maintenance: Supervising the maintenance and repair of construction equipment, vehicles, and machinery to prevent breakdowns and ensure optimal performance.• Resource Planning: Collaborating with project managers to plan equipment usage, maintenance schedules, and deployment strategies.• Budget Management: Managing the mechanical engineering budget, including maintenance costs, spare parts procurement, and equipment upgrades.Team Leadership: Leading a team of mechanical engineers, technicians, and mechanics, assigning tasks and providing technical guidance.• Health and Safety: Ensuring compliance with safety regulations in equipment operation, maintenance, and repair activities.• Equipment Procurement: Participating in the selection and procurement of new equipment, considering technical specifications and project requirements.• Data Analysis: Analysing equipment performance data to identify trends, predict maintenance needs, and optimize utilization.• Vendor Management: Managing relationships with equipment suppliers and service providers for maintenance and repair services.• Equipment Management: Overseeing the maintenance and operation of construction related machinery and equipment.• Budget Management: Managing the mechanical budget, including material costs, equipment maintenance, and labor expenses.• Environmental Compliance: Ensuring that mechanical activities adhere to environmental regulations and guidelines.• Innovation and Improvement: Identifying opportunities for process improvement and innovative asphalt technologies to enhance construction efficiency and pavement performance.• Project Management: Collaborate with project managers, stakeholders, and construction teams to coordinate mechanical. Develop project schedules, allocate resources, and monitor progress to meet project timelines.• Reporting: Generate regular reports on mechanical activities estimates status, and any outstanding issues. Provide progress updates to project managers and other relevant stakeholders.• Performs any other duty as assigned by the supervisor from time to time.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):• Electrical Design: Collaborating with project teams and design consultants to develop electrical plans and layouts for temporary and permanent electrical systems.• Installation and Commissioning: Supervising the installation, testing, and commissioning of electrical systems, including lighting, power distribution, and communication systems.• Equipment Procurement: Participating in the selection and procurement of electrical equipment, ensuring compliance with specifications and safety standards.• Safety Compliance: Ensuring that all electrical installations and operations adhere to safety codes, regulations, and industry standards.• Budget Management: Managing the electrical engineering budget, including equipment costs, installation expenses, and maintenance.• Team Leadership: Leading a team of electrical engineers, technicians, and electricians, assigning tasks and providing technical guidance.• Maintenance and Repairs: Developing and implementing maintenance schedules and repair procedures for electrical systems and equipment.• Energy Efficiency: Implementing energy-efficient practices and technologies to optimize electrical consumption on the construction site.• Maintenance Costs: Keeping maintenance costs within budget limits while ensuring equipment reliability and operational efficiency.• Safety Compliance: Ensuring that equipment operations and maintenance adhere to safety regulations, leading to a safe working environment.• Team Performance: Assessing the productivity and performance of the electrical engineering team in maintaining and repairing equipment.• Project Timelines: Adhering to scheduled timelines for construction activities, minimizing delays in the overall project completion.• Cost Control: Managing the electrical engineering budget effectively to avoid cost overruns and wastage.• Safety Compliance: Ensuring a safe working environment in the workshop area and achieving compliance with all safety regulations.• Change Order Management: Evaluate the efficiency of managing change orders and variations.• Stakeholder Satisfaction: Gather feedback from project team members and external stakeholders on electrical quantity management processes. Meeting or exceeding client expectations regarding the quality and performance of the electrical processes.Work Experience, Skills and Knowledge:• Electrical Engineering Expertise: Profound knowledge of electrical systems, codes, regulations, and best practices in construction.• Project Management: Ability to integrate electrical aspects into the overall project plan, ensuring coordination and alignment with construction activities.• Problem-Solving: Skill in diagnosing and resolving electrical issues promptly to minimize disruptions and maintain project progress.• Leadership and Team Management: Strong leadership abilities to manage and guide a team of electrical engineers, technicians, and electricians.• Budgeting and Financial Management: Competency in managing the electrical engineering budget effectively while maintaining quality and safety.• Safety Consciousness: Deep understanding of electrical safety protocols and regulations to ensure a safe working environment.• Communication: Effective communication skills to collaborate with project managers, contractors, and other stakeholders.• Energy Management: Knowledge of energy-efficient practices and technologies to optimize electrical consumption.• Analytical Skills: Capability to analyse equipment performance data and make data-driven decisions for electrical maintenance and repair.• Contract Management: Understanding of contract negotiation, procurement, and subcontractor management.• Time Management: Ability to prioritize tasks and work efficiently within project schedules.• Attention to Detail: Demonstrate meticulousness in recording and analysing project cost estimation.• Regulatory Compliance: Knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and standards in the road construction industry.• Working experience: Possession 8 years of leadership working experience of which 3 years should have been obtained in the equivalent capacity.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Electrical engineers x4 at abubaker technical services and general supplies limited

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