Operator Asphalt Batch Plant X6 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda

Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
Last update 2023-11-29
Expires 2023-12-29
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Operator Asphalt Batch Plant X6 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda
Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
Modified September 12, 2023


Job Description Job Purpose / Objective: i. Manage the operation of the asphalt plant, oversee the production of consistent and quality asphalt batches, and contribute to the successful execution of construction projects.ii. Responsible for operating and maintaining the asphalt plant to produce batches of asphalt mix for various construction projects.iii. Ensuring the production of high-quality asphalt mix that meets engineering specifications and project requirements.Job Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Plant Operation: Operate the asphalt plant’s batch processes, including feeding aggregates, heating, mixing, and discharging the asphalt mix.2. Quality Control:i. Monitor and control the quality of asphalt mix production, ensuring it meets engineering specifications and project requirements.ii. Conduct routine tests to verify the quality and consistency of the asphalt batches.3. Maintenance and Repairs:i. Perform routine maintenance tasks on the plant equipment, ensuring its proper functioning.ii. Identify and report any equipment malfunctions or repairs needed.4. Material Handling:i. Receive and store raw materials, such as aggregates, filler, and asphalt cement, for use in the batching process.ii. Ensure proper inventory management of materials.5. Safety Compliance:i. Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.ii. Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during plant operations.6. Environmental Regulations:i. Operate the plant in compliance with environmental regulations and standards.ii. Implement measures to control emissions and manage waste.7. Documentation:i. Maintain records of daily production, material usage, and equipment maintenance.ii. Prepare reports on production quantities and quality.8. Team Collaboration:i. Coordinate with other plant personnel to ensure efficient production processes.ii. Communicate with quality control and engineering teams to meet project specifications.9. Collaboration: Liaise with local law enforcement agencies, if necessary, to ensure proper security coordination.10. Performs any other duty as assigned by the supervisor from time to time.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 1. Production Output: Measure the quantity of asphalt mix produced within a specific timeframe.2. Quality of Asphalt Mix: Evaluate the quality and consistency of asphalt batches.3. Equipment Downtime: Monitor the frequency and duration of equipment downtime for maintenance or repairs.4. Safety Compliance: Evaluate adherence to safety protocols and guidelines during plant operations.Work Experience, Skills and Knowledge:1. Technical Expertise: Proficiency in operating asphalt plant batch processes and equipment.2. Quality Control: Ability to monitor and ensure the quality of asphalt mix production.3. Equipment Maintenance: Skill in performing routine maintenance and identifying equipment issues.4. Safety Awareness: Knowledge of safety protocols and proper PPE usage during plant operations.5. Attention to Detail: Accuracy in batching and mixing processes to achieve consistent results.6. Environmental Consciousness: Understanding of environmental regulations and emissions control.7. Problem-Solving: Capability to address equipment malfunctions and process deviations.8. Communication: Effective communication with plant personnel, quality control, and engineering teams.9. Professionalism: Maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity in all interactions.10. Working experience: Possession 5 years working experience obtained in equivalent capacity.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Operator asphalt batch plant x6 at abubaker technical services and general supplies limited

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