Steel Bender X30 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda

Uganda, Uganda, Uganda
Last update 2023-11-29
Expires 2023-12-29
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Steel Bender X30 At Abubaker Technical Services And General Supplies Limited, Uganda
Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
Modified September 12, 2023


Job Description i. Responsible for preparing and shaping steel reinforcement bars (rebar) to be used in concrete structures for road construction projects.ii. Ensuring that the rebar is accurately cut, bent, and assembled according to engineering specifications to provide strength and stability to the road structures.iii. Contribute to the construction of durable and safe road structures by accurately bending and shaping steel reinforcement bars that provide structural integrity to concrete elements.Job Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Steel Bending and Shaping:i. Read and interpret engineering drawings and plans to determine the required shapes and sizes of rebar.ii. Cut and bend rebar using manual tools or machinery, ensuring accuracy and precision.iii. Assemble rebar cages and structures based on project requirements.2. Quality Control:i. Inspect rebar for defects, such as cracks, corrosion, or deviations from specifications.ii. Ensure that the bent and shaped rebar meets quality standards and engineering specifications.3. Safety Compliance:i. Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines while operating bending equipment and handling rebar.ii. Use personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent accidents and injuries.4. Material Handling:i. Transport rebar to the work area and position it for bending and shaping.ii. Organize and store rebar materials to prevent damage or contamination.5. Collaboration: Coordinate with other construction team members, such as concrete workers and engineers, to ensure proper placement of rebar within concrete structures.6. Tool Maintenance:i. Maintain and clean bending tools and equipment to ensure proper functionality and longevity.ii. Report any equipment malfunctions or maintenance needs.7. Documentation: Maintain records of rebar bending activities, including quantities, dimensions, and specifications.8. Collaboration: Coordinate with construction teams to communicate test results and provide recommendations.9. Performs any other duty as assigned by the supervisor from time to time.Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 1. Accuracy of Bending: Measure the precision and accuracy of rebar bending against engineering drawings.2. Quality of Rebar: Evaluate the quality of bent and shaped rebar in terms of defects and deviations from specifications.3. Efficiency: Assess the speed and efficiency of rebar bending processes.4. Safety Compliance: Monitor adherence to safety protocols and guidelines during bending operations.5. Material Utilization: Evaluate the efficient utilization of rebar materials without wastage.Work Experience, Skills and Knowledge: 1. Technical Skill: Proficiency in bending and shaping rebar using manual tools and machinery.2. Blueprint Reading: Ability to interpret engineering drawings and plans for accurate rebar shaping.3. Precision: Attention to detail and accuracy in measuring and bending rebar.4. Safety Awareness: Knowledge of safety protocols and PPE usage to prevent accidents.5. Physical Endurance: Ability to perform physically demanding tasks, including lifting and bending rebar.6. Team Collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration with other construction team members.7. Time Management: Efficiency in meeting project deadlines for rebar preparation.8. Adaptability: Ability to adapt to different rebar bending techniques and project requirements.9. Professionalism: Maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity in all interactions.10. Working experience: Possession 3 years working experience obtained in equivalent capacity.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Steel bender x30 at abubaker technical services and general supplies limited

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